LARA Investment Focus

Driving Value and Increasing Returns

Whereas U.S. investment in Latin America has limited its focus to Brazil and Mexico, we have identified undervalued energy and infrastructure projects in 12 Latin American and Caribbean countries that have outsized capital demand and offer little-to-no currency risk.

Approach to Executing on Target Opportunities

Actionable Investment Roadmaps

LARA leadership team formulated actionable proprietary investment roadmaps with foreign government counterparts to unleash value in LARA 12 markets with overwhelming capital needs.

Sovereign and Sub-Sovereign Pipelines

High-level government relationships provide access to sovereign and sub-sovereign pipelines.

Trade Sale Opportunities

Forming strategic alliances with leading corporates in transitional energy, sustainable infrastructure and digital infrastructure.

Access to private market transactions in disruptive energy and infrastructure technology companies.

Regular stream of referrals through industry leaders, professional advisors, co-lenders, and investors.

Knowledge of Off-Market Deals

Access to off-market projects from leading global asset management companies and developers, sustainable infrastructure companies, and investment banks.