LARA has designed a methodology based on the 4Ps: Planet, People, Prosperity, and Principled Operations. The fund strives to invest strategically in a manner that safeguards the environment, strengthens communities, and maintains the highest standards of ethical operations to create sustained and measurable social and environmental impact.

Driving Progress towards a Sustainable and Prosperous World

01 - Planet
02 - People
03 - Prosperity
04 - Principled Operations
LARA’s focus is on investments that promote sustainability, contribute to the reduction of a carbon footprint, and contribute to the preservation and restoration of natural resources. We will do this through sustainable development, decarbonization, and protecting natural resources and biodiversity.
LARA’s goal is to enhance the well-being and development of communities, prioritizing projects that positively impact factors such as social structures, health, education, or overall quality of life. LARA seeks to address this through community engagement, development, and support for well-being and resilience.
LARA sees the importance of focusing on economic growth and empowerment, targeting investments that stimulate local economies, create jobs, and foster inclusive and equitable growth in underserved regions.
LARA underscores the importance of ethical and transparent business practices, advocating for responsible governance, accountability, and the integration of innovative solutions in management and operations.